Blackfield Primary School

Learning Values


At Blackfield Primary School we teach our children through a predominately integrated curriculum where subjects are combined to create a highly engaging project which we refer to as an 'integrated learning unit' (ILU). Within these ILUs we cover the national curriculum which dictates what what the children need to be taught.  

We also believe that it is vital that we should teach our children how to learn. As a result, within each ILU we teach two of our six Learning Values, which children will visit at least once each year, which builds on prior learning. Our six learning values are:


Thinking opens up horizons and enables us to explore possibilities. We believe that all learners should actively contribute to their own enquiry through varied research and organisational strategies.  They solve problems, make informed decisions and recognise that there is not always one answer. We encourage learners to use open ended questions and a range of thinking tools to aid their thinking. We strive to develop positive, active learners who are creative and persistent in their problem solving.  We offer time for reflective thinking so that confident decision making and evaluative learning can take place.


Creativity will enable us to solve the problems of the future and secure our survival. We believe creativity is important because it allows children to express their individuality. Through freedom of choice, pupils grow in confidence and become more willing to take on challenges with motivation and enthusiasm. We encourage pupils to be imaginative in all aspects of their learning and to generate new and novel ideas. We strive for our children to achieve innovative outcomes as a result of decision making, risk taking and originality. We offer a plethora of resources and opportunities within the curriculum to allow for freedom of choice.


Collaboration provides mutual benefits enabling us to build interdependent networks. We believe collaboration is important in all aspects of life, encouraging positive social interactions as part of the school and the wider community.  We encourage children to be open-minded, adaptable and respectful in group situations, negotiating when appropriate. We strive for children to work together in all areas of their learning and social interaction to achieve a common goal.  We offer opportunities for children to work with others in all areas of learning including sports, music, residential visits, performances and interactions with the community. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence in the foundation for enduring personal relationships. We believe that emotionally intelligent learners have the ability to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express their emotion. We encourage self awareness, empathy and self control . We strive to develop interpersonal skills and a deepening understanding of shades of emotion to enable learners to read and interact positively in social situations. We offer a curriculum that enables young learners to explore their emotions and those of others in addition to a dedicated learning support assistant to aid emotional literacy.


Independence enables us to stand on our own two feet and make the most of life’s opportunities. We believe that an independent learner is self motivated to learn and has the self knowledge to understand how they learn best. We encourage persistence, resourcefulness and responsibility. We strive to aid young learners to set their own targets and recognise their own achievements. We offer time and opportunities to develop skills in independent  learning and easy access to a wide range of resources.


Spirituality is the essence of life. We believe that a Spiritual Learner is able to consider their place in the world through reflection, contemplation and inspiration. We encourage learners to always quest for further meaning. We strive to aid young learners to develop a strong sense of values. We will offer a curriculum that enables children to have time to reflect and contemplate the big questions and transcend the ordinary.