Blackfield Primary School

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Why Choose Blackfield?

We know what a big decision choosing a school is for parents. Your children are your world and we want to show you why Blackfield Primary School is such a fantastic place for your child to learn, grow and develop as part of our family. Here you will find just a few of the reasons as to why we think you should send your child to Blackfield Primary School, where we Make Learning Irresistible! #MLI




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It's an all-through primary school

This is such a significant benefit of choosing our school. Once your child joins us in Year R, they have their school place for 7 years. That means there is no unnecessary transition at the end of year 2, where your child may be split from their friends and have to get used to a new school and new adults. It also means that as a school staff, we build a deep understanding of your child, knowing how to support and challenge them, which would have to happen all over again if your went from an infant to a junior school. Most importantly, we build long, meaningful relationships with our children, it makes the feel safe and have a sense of belonging to our fantastic community.

It feels like a small school

Although Blackfield Primary School is an all-through primary, with children ranging from 4 - 11 years old, the building is strategically designed to suit the needs of our children. For our infant children, this means that we make it feel like a small, nurturing, infant school. There is a playground specifically for the infants, all of the classrooms have doors which open on to the playground and all of the infant classrooms are situated together in small block of the school. It is essentially an infant school on the same site as our junior school. The children get all the benefits of being at an all-through primary, the additional resources and expertise but still have that small-school environment to help them grow and develop from their nursery or pre-school setting.

Sports? IT? Radio station? Harry Potter bus? We've got it!

As a large primary school we have the resources to provide state of the art equipment and a well maintained grounds to support children with their learning.

New Technologies

Each classroom benefits from 16 Chromebooks so that children have access to technology to help them learn throughout the entire school day. We also have a laser cutter, 3-D printer and virtual-reality head-sets which are fully integrated into our curriculum. 

Yes, we have our very own radio station! Not just because it's a lot of fun, but because developing children's speaking and listening is so important. Children prepare their 'DJ scripts', writing for a purpose and then get to host their own radio shows which are aired onto our playground for other children to listen to.

Forest School
We are fortunate to have our very own, large forest school site on our field. This provision is designed to support children's risk management skills, collaboration and many areas of the science and D&T curriculum. Not only this, but we have our very own Forest School Leader, so we can run sessions whenever we want and aren't reliant on having to hire an external person to run the specific activities. 

Our children have access to a well designed, purpose built sports hall. It allows our staff to not only teach high-quality sports lessons, but also offer your child a wealth of additional sporting opportunities and experiences.

Harry Potter Knight Bus
A few years ago our Pupil Leadership Team wanted somewhere to read quietly, outside and break and lunch time. We did a lot of research and through some serious fund-raising we bought a reading-bus where children can go for a quiet place to enjoy a book. Because we always like to do the very best we can, we didn't just get any old bus, we designed our very own Knight Bus, from the Harry Potter stories (we're big fans of the books at Blackfield Primary School).

An engaging, relevant curriculum

The curriculum is the content which we teach your children and there are many ways schools can do this. At Blackfield Primary School we are very proud of our integrated curriculum which combines subjects and is presented to children in an engaging, purposeful way.

So whether your child is learning English through script-writing and making their own Harry Potter movie, or learning how to be a designer by making their own re-usable shopping bags to help the environment, you know that the learning is relevant to their lives and highly motivating to your child. 

There are many benefits to being an Academy

Being a part of the Inspire Learning Partnership brings many benefits to the school in comparison to maintained schools. We have more flexibility with our finances, choosing which resources we buy into and having one central business team working across all schools rather than at each school. All of this saves us a lot of money which we can put directly into the children's experience at school and additional staffing for the children. 

We also have flexibility with our term-dates, which we have used to create a two-week October half term by adding an extra 25 minutes to our school day. This allows teachers that invaluable additional time each day to secure children's learning as well as ensuring that the first term for your child doesn't contain and 8-week half term which is a very long, tiring half term for children in Year R and 1. Lastly, it also allows parents to take a holiday when flights are reasonably priced, unlike the 'normal' school holidays where holiday providers make the prices very expensive.

A focus on developing the whole child

At Blackfield Primary School we have a huge emphasis on developing the whole child. This means that we go beyond the National Curriculum and ensure that your child develops the right behaviours and attitudes to learning. We also believe that it is vital that our staff build fantastic relationships with your children, understanding what motivates them and knowing when they will need support. We get to know each child as an individual, because they are all special in their own right. Lastly, we want your child to feel amazing about themselves and we do this by praising them and celebrating their successes. Child self-esteem is key to your child developing as a learner and absolutely love seeing them grow in confidence.